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Collar with Mechanical K type
Adddate£º11/26/2010  |  Viewcount£º664  
  • Material : Ductile Cast Iron
  • Size Range : DN 50mm to DN 2600mm
  • Function: Connecting pipes.
  • Joint Type : Flange PN10,16,25bar/ Socket/K Type with Mechanical Gland  
  • Manufacture Standard: ISO 2531/ EN545/EN598
  • Casting Method: Lost foam technique
  • Annual capacity : 10,000 tons
  • Coating Exterior: zinc 130g/m2 and bitumen coating 70 microns/Epoxy Coating 250um.
  • Cement Lining Interior: Portland Cement/ High Alumina Cement/ Sulphate Resisting Cement/Epoxy Coating 250um.
  • Special requirements on external coating and internal lining can be applied
  •  We also provide accessories such as SBR/EPDM rubber gaskets,   bolts&nuts.